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November 15, 2009

Automaticaly Download/Read Gutenberg eBooks on Kindle for PC

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If you live outside the U.S. and is using Amazon’s Kindle for PC, here’s a tip on how to automagically download and read free public domain books.


  • Click on this link to download the Magic Catalog of Project Gutenberg eBooks
  • Once downloaded, load the .prc file to your Kindle for Windows by double-clicking on the file.  This is assuming that you already installed Kindle for Windows installed on your computer.
  • Once opened on the Kindle for PC, you should see a list of books.  Choose any book and click on it using your mouse.
  • After clicking, your default browser will open and automatically download the book your chose.
  • After downloading, just double click on the downloaded file and you should now be able to read it on Kindle for Windows.



November 11, 2009

How To: Read eBooks on the Kindle for PC

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When I installed Amazon’s Kindle for PC yesterday, I was disappointed to see that there was no option to install my own eBooks on it.  There was no menu option for adding or even managing books I already have!

Well, I was wrong.  It turns out that the Kindle for PC *can* read books not purchased from Amazon!  So here’s a short instruction on how to add non-DRM’d books to the Kindle for PC.

  • Go to your favorite free ebook downloading site.  Make sure that the ebooks that can be downloaded are in Mobipocket format (either .mobi or .prc)  (I recommend Feedbooks.com)
  • Make sure that you’ve already downloaded and installed Kindle for PC on your computer.
  • Download your desired ebook.
  • Once downloaded, simply double click on the file (either .mobi or .prc) and choose to open it using Kindle for PC.
  • That’s it!  The ebook you have just downloaded can now be enjoyed using Kindle for PC.

The picture below shows my Kindle for PC with an ebook I recently downloaded from Feedbooks.  It also shows the Kindle’s Users Guide that came with my *real* Kindle.


Happy reading!

November 10, 2009

Kindle for PC beta: No More Kindle-envy! (with short review)

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The beta version of the PC version of Kindle is now available for download.  So for people who have Kindle-envy, do not fret.  You can now buy, read and organize kindle books on your computers!


I heard that people from Canada can’t download this app just yet.  Bummer!

UPDATE:  I have downloaded and installed this application to my laptop (running Win7) and I must say I’m underwhelmed.  I thought I could manage my Kindle using this program through the USB but I guess I was wrong.  But it does sync with the Kindle through Whispernet.

I was also able to send a sample book to the Kindle for PC.  Reading a book using this program is nothing to write home about.  Its no different from reading a plain old PDF file on the computer.

Will I be using this program?  I don’t think I will.  Reading on my Kindle is a far better experience than this.  However, if you are still holding out on your Kindle purchase, maybe this application can get you started because you can start building your ebook library through this program and when you finally get your own Kindle, you’ll be set.

Marketmanila on My Kindle!

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I am a foodie.  I love eating food and when I’m not eating, I do the next best thing, read a local food blog called Marketmanila.  When I noticed that Marketmanila has an RSS feed, I created a simple recipe on Calibre and dutifully downloaded it and transferred it to my Kindle.  This is how it looks like on my Kindle:


Yummy, isn’t it?

November 7, 2009

Quickie Post: Calibre to go “Portable” Soon?

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When I was using the EeePC with Windows XP, one of my favorite programs was PortableApps.  PortableApps allows me to run my preferred applications without actually installing it on my Eee’s meager 4GB storage.

I just learned that PortableApps is now working on a portable version of Calibre.  This is good news because if this pushes through, then I can save/maintain my Calibre eBook library from within a single flashdrive.  It will also be quite handy for people who use multiple computers, allowing them to access and maintain their library without having to install Calibre on each computer that they use.

What’s more exciting use for this?  Users can even save the portable version of Calibre from within their Kindle! Cool huh?

November 4, 2009

So Many Books, So Little Time!

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Less than a week with the Kindle and the title of this post accurately reflect what I am feeling right now.  I am an avid reader and because of that, I have a rather sizable eBook collection that I have accumulated all these years.  I’ve already gone through most of them but some books, I feel like reading again.

Right now, I have at least two dozen books that I intend to read.  Almost of it are books that I intend to re-read.   Before I got the Kindle, I read using my Nokia e71 and with the phone, I get to sneak some reading when I take a smoking break.  Of course I also read before sleeping, in bed, while the lights are off.  On the Nokia e71, i get to finish reading a book in a week, two weeks at the most.

Now with the Kindle, I have to change my reading habits.  I can no longer read during my smoking break, the Kindle is too large-sh to carry around with me during those breaks.  That gave me less reading time.  I also discovered how to read blogs and news on the Kindle for free and that further reduced my time in reading my eBooks.

Well, hopefully I’ll find more time to read my books.  I still have a long to-read list but after a few weeks of adjustments, I hope to find my “reading groove” back.

November 3, 2009

Kindlepedia: Wikipedia Articles on the Kindle

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I know that the International Version of the Kindle has free access to wikipedia through Whispernet.  But access to Whispernet is spotty and let’s face it, wikipedia through Whispernet is not exactly as fast as we want.  This is where Kindlepedia comes in: individual wikipedia articles can be processed and converted to a Kindle-friendly format.


I tested downloading an article and it worked pretty well with my Kindle. The output file format is in .mobi so other ebook readers can also take advantage of this service.  This should come in handy for Kindle-toting students.

October 31, 2009

Quickie Post: Halloween Reading List

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Want to read something scary this Halloween night?  Then pick your poison from this list from Freekindlebooks.org.

October 28, 2009

jetBook-Lite: The Most Affordable eBook Reader (to date)

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ECTACO, a company that manufactures eBooks announced the cheapest eBook reader to date:  The jetBook-Lite.  ECTACO sees the jetBook-Lite to retail at around $149, that is at least $100 cheaper than most eBook reader.


The current crop of jetBooks are not expensive to start with (they retail at around $179 after discounts/rebates) but a $149 pricepoint may be the sweet spot where people will *really* take notice and start getting an eBook reader of their own.  Another advantage the jetBook has over other eBook readers is its support for various formats (ePub, Mobi, PRC, RTF, .txt, .pdf, .fb2, .jpg, .gif, .png, and .bmp) and this makes it an attractive alternative to the Kindle and the Sony Reader.

October 26, 2009

Kindle International Version – An eBookster Review

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August 26th is the official birthday of my Kindle.  It arrived two days earlier than expected and I’m so happy for it.  It may have cost me a pretty penny but I think I’ll have a long and fruitful relationship with this pretty little thing.

First Impression

My Kindle came in a nondescript box that is actually pretty hard to open (at least I find it hard to open).  The side of the box whimsically says “Once upon a time…”.  The package itself is very light and I began to doubt if there’s actually anything inside.  When I finally got to open the package, my first thought is “Its an iPod with a keyboard!”.  The next thought that came into my mind was how puny this gadget is.  It is thin and weighs almost next to nothing!


So I removed the plastic cover and switched the Kindle on.  It took some time to “boot up” but once its up and running, I was greeted by the Kindle’s user manual.  After skimming the contents of the manual, I pressed the “Home” button and lo and behold:  the free book samples I checked out of the Amazon website is automagically downloaded and ready for reading!


The Kindle itself looks tough despite its diminutive facade.  It is solidly built and the only moving parts are the buttons.  No creaks and squeaks when you press any area of its body.  Text displayed by its E-ink screen is indeed paper-like and it really feels as if I am reading from a printed paper.

Loading MY eBooks

When I connected the Kindle to my netbook using its bundled cable (which doubles as a charger cable if connected to the included plug), it is immediately recognized as an external storage device.  Windows 7 even offered to use it to “boost system performance” but then again what’s the point?  So I loaded up some of my existing eBooks which I converted using Calibre and those books are immediately displayed once I disconnected the Kindle from my netbook.  Eager to continue where I left off in my eBook (Guilty Pleasures: Book 1 of the Anita Blake series), I initiated a search on the eBook.  Now, since I just loaded this particular eBook, I was prompted by the Kindle that it can’t find my search expression – the eBook is probably still being indexed.  When I tried again after a few minutes, I was able to find my place in the book so I started reading.  Reminder:  The Kindle is detected as a storage device.  To prevent the possibility of corrupting its content, eject the Kindle from your computer before unplugging it.


As I’ve mentioned earlier, my queued eBook samples were already downloaded when I opened my Kindle.  It only goes to show how fast the an eBook will probably download.  Other local users report that downloading entire eBooks can take up to 3 minutes – probably depending on the size of the eBook.  One gripe I have is that I still can’t access Wikipedia from my Kindle up to now.  I’ll have more time to try it out later.


I tried one of the “killer” features of the Kindle – Text-to-Speech – an it worked as advertised!  The default setting is using a male voice and it was able to read the contents (at least some of it) of the eBook I loaded earlier.  The voice is quite natural and not as computer-sounding as I expected.  I think I’ll use this feature to “read” while driving. 🙂

Charging the Kindle

I only had time to charge the Kindle when I got home last night.  One can read while charging so I was able to finish a chapter or two as it was charging.  The Kindle has an orange light while it is charging and once the batteries are topped up, the light will turn green.  The slot used for charging micro-USB.  This means I can leave the Kindle cable at home and simply use my Nokia’s micro-USB cable if I need to load up the Kindle at the office.

Reading in the Dark

This is one thing that I often do using my Nokia e71 – something I know I can’t do using the Kindle.  So before going home last night, I was able to get an el cheapo booklight for Php100 (approx. US$2).  The booklight allowed me to read in the dark but I don’t think it was the ideal way to read.  I think I’ll invest in a better booklight or even just get a reading light that I can use on my bed.


I think the money I spent in getting the Kindle is money well spent.  Now to continue with my reading.

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