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November 25, 2009

Kindle Firmware Update!!! (NOW!)

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Earlier, I posted the news that Amazon will be updating the Kindle’s firmware to add functionality to my beloved ebook reader.  Everyone thought that the update will come next year but a few minutes ago, I received an email from Amazon informing me that the update is now ready.

Knowing that I have crappy Whispernet access here at home, I opted to do update manually.  Downloading and updating the Kindle took less than 15 minutes.  After a rather lengthy restart, I uploaded a PDF file to my Kindle and it can now read the file without any need for conversion!  Pressing the font-resize button also allows me to read ebooks in landscape mode.  This will probably come in handy when reading “wide” PDF documents.

The only thing that I have not yet tested is the purported longer battery life.

Now, if only they add native ePub support, I’ll be a happy puppy.

Excuse me while I curl up in bed and read…


Kindle Philippines FaceBook Group!

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I created an FB group for local Kindle users.  If you already own a Kindle, or is planning to get one, or if you simply want to learn more about the Kindle, join me at Kindle Philippines.

November 11, 2009

How To: Read eBooks on the Kindle for PC

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When I installed Amazon’s Kindle for PC yesterday, I was disappointed to see that there was no option to install my own eBooks on it.  There was no menu option for adding or even managing books I already have!

Well, I was wrong.  It turns out that the Kindle for PC *can* read books not purchased from Amazon!  So here’s a short instruction on how to add non-DRM’d books to the Kindle for PC.

  • Go to your favorite free ebook downloading site.  Make sure that the ebooks that can be downloaded are in Mobipocket format (either .mobi or .prc)  (I recommend Feedbooks.com)
  • Make sure that you’ve already downloaded and installed Kindle for PC on your computer.
  • Download your desired ebook.
  • Once downloaded, simply double click on the file (either .mobi or .prc) and choose to open it using Kindle for PC.
  • That’s it!  The ebook you have just downloaded can now be enjoyed using Kindle for PC.

The picture below shows my Kindle for PC with an ebook I recently downloaded from Feedbooks.  It also shows the Kindle’s Users Guide that came with my *real* Kindle.


Happy reading!

November 10, 2009

Kindle for PC beta: No More Kindle-envy! (with short review)

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The beta version of the PC version of Kindle is now available for download.  So for people who have Kindle-envy, do not fret.  You can now buy, read and organize kindle books on your computers!


I heard that people from Canada can’t download this app just yet.  Bummer!

UPDATE:  I have downloaded and installed this application to my laptop (running Win7) and I must say I’m underwhelmed.  I thought I could manage my Kindle using this program through the USB but I guess I was wrong.  But it does sync with the Kindle through Whispernet.

I was also able to send a sample book to the Kindle for PC.  Reading a book using this program is nothing to write home about.  Its no different from reading a plain old PDF file on the computer.

Will I be using this program?  I don’t think I will.  Reading on my Kindle is a far better experience than this.  However, if you are still holding out on your Kindle purchase, maybe this application can get you started because you can start building your ebook library through this program and when you finally get your own Kindle, you’ll be set.

Marketmanila on My Kindle!

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I am a foodie.  I love eating food and when I’m not eating, I do the next best thing, read a local food blog called Marketmanila.  When I noticed that Marketmanila has an RSS feed, I created a simple recipe on Calibre and dutifully downloaded it and transferred it to my Kindle.  This is how it looks like on my Kindle:


Yummy, isn’t it?

November 7, 2009

Quickie Post: Calibre to go “Portable” Soon?

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When I was using the EeePC with Windows XP, one of my favorite programs was PortableApps.  PortableApps allows me to run my preferred applications without actually installing it on my Eee’s meager 4GB storage.

I just learned that PortableApps is now working on a portable version of Calibre.  This is good news because if this pushes through, then I can save/maintain my Calibre eBook library from within a single flashdrive.  It will also be quite handy for people who use multiple computers, allowing them to access and maintain their library without having to install Calibre on each computer that they use.

What’s more exciting use for this?  Users can even save the portable version of Calibre from within their Kindle! Cool huh?

November 6, 2009

Enable Kindle’s Advanced Mode Browser

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I often wonder why I see “Basic Mode” on top of my Kindle’s browser each time I fire it up.  It turns out that the Kindle has an “advanced mode” on its built-in web browser!  On “advanced mode”, the browser becomes a more capable, but slower, browser because it can now translate CSS and Javascript.

To enable Advanced Mode, fire up the Kindle’s browser (at the main screen, press Menu and select Experimental –> Basic Web).  Once the browser is on-screen, press Menu again and choose “Advanced Mode” and that’s it!

If you find the browser too slow, you can always revert back to its Basic Mode anytime.

Kindle 2’s Whispernet Access is Brought to You By…

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A “mystery telco”?  You be the judge.

i was able to hack into my Kindle’s “Select Wireless Provider” screen and here’s what was displayed:


As you can see, the Kindle detects all local cell phone service provider.  But who or what the heck is “515,03,2”?  Someone said that it is Smart Gold but how come its not displayed on-screen?

November 4, 2009

So Many Books, So Little Time!

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Less than a week with the Kindle and the title of this post accurately reflect what I am feeling right now.  I am an avid reader and because of that, I have a rather sizable eBook collection that I have accumulated all these years.  I’ve already gone through most of them but some books, I feel like reading again.

Right now, I have at least two dozen books that I intend to read.  Almost of it are books that I intend to re-read.   Before I got the Kindle, I read using my Nokia e71 and with the phone, I get to sneak some reading when I take a smoking break.  Of course I also read before sleeping, in bed, while the lights are off.  On the Nokia e71, i get to finish reading a book in a week, two weeks at the most.

Now with the Kindle, I have to change my reading habits.  I can no longer read during my smoking break, the Kindle is too large-sh to carry around with me during those breaks.  That gave me less reading time.  I also discovered how to read blogs and news on the Kindle for free and that further reduced my time in reading my eBooks.

Well, hopefully I’ll find more time to read my books.  I still have a long to-read list but after a few weeks of adjustments, I hope to find my “reading groove” back.

November 3, 2009

Kindlepedia: Wikipedia Articles on the Kindle

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I know that the International Version of the Kindle has free access to wikipedia through Whispernet.  But access to Whispernet is spotty and let’s face it, wikipedia through Whispernet is not exactly as fast as we want.  This is where Kindlepedia comes in: individual wikipedia articles can be processed and converted to a Kindle-friendly format.


I tested downloading an article and it worked pretty well with my Kindle. The output file format is in .mobi so other ebook readers can also take advantage of this service.  This should come in handy for Kindle-toting students.

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