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November 6, 2009

Enable Kindle’s Advanced Mode Browser

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I often wonder why I see “Basic Mode” on top of my Kindle’s browser each time I fire it up.  It turns out that the Kindle has an “advanced mode” on its built-in web browser!  On “advanced mode”, the browser becomes a more capable, but slower, browser because it can now translate CSS and Javascript.

To enable Advanced Mode, fire up the Kindle’s browser (at the main screen, press Menu and select Experimental –> Basic Web).  Once the browser is on-screen, press Menu again and choose “Advanced Mode” and that’s it!

If you find the browser too slow, you can always revert back to its Basic Mode anytime.


Kindle 2’s Whispernet Access is Brought to You By…

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A “mystery telco”?  You be the judge.

i was able to hack into my Kindle’s “Select Wireless Provider” screen and here’s what was displayed:


As you can see, the Kindle detects all local cell phone service provider.  But who or what the heck is “515,03,2”?  Someone said that it is Smart Gold but how come its not displayed on-screen?

November 4, 2009

So Many Books, So Little Time!

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Less than a week with the Kindle and the title of this post accurately reflect what I am feeling right now.  I am an avid reader and because of that, I have a rather sizable eBook collection that I have accumulated all these years.  I’ve already gone through most of them but some books, I feel like reading again.

Right now, I have at least two dozen books that I intend to read.  Almost of it are books that I intend to re-read.   Before I got the Kindle, I read using my Nokia e71 and with the phone, I get to sneak some reading when I take a smoking break.  Of course I also read before sleeping, in bed, while the lights are off.  On the Nokia e71, i get to finish reading a book in a week, two weeks at the most.

Now with the Kindle, I have to change my reading habits.  I can no longer read during my smoking break, the Kindle is too large-sh to carry around with me during those breaks.  That gave me less reading time.  I also discovered how to read blogs and news on the Kindle for free and that further reduced my time in reading my eBooks.

Well, hopefully I’ll find more time to read my books.  I still have a long to-read list but after a few weeks of adjustments, I hope to find my “reading groove” back.

Podcast on the Kindle? Yes It Can!

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Quick tip: The Kindle can also be used as an outstanding podcast-listening device. Download your podcast using your favorite program, copy it over to the Kindle’s “Audible” folder. It will be recognized as an “ebook”. When you listen to your podcast and need to take time off in the middle of the file, simply press the “Home” button of the Kindle. When you are ready to listen again, open up your podcast and it will start where you left it.

Cool huh?

November 3, 2009

Kindlepedia: Wikipedia Articles on the Kindle

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I know that the International Version of the Kindle has free access to wikipedia through Whispernet.  But access to Whispernet is spotty and let’s face it, wikipedia through Whispernet is not exactly as fast as we want.  This is where Kindlepedia comes in: individual wikipedia articles can be processed and converted to a Kindle-friendly format.


I tested downloading an article and it worked pretty well with my Kindle. The output file format is in .mobi so other ebook readers can also take advantage of this service.  This should come in handy for Kindle-toting students.

November 2, 2009

Quick Tip: FREE News & Blogs on the Kindle International Edition

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I admit!  I am a news junkie.  I start my day poring through Engadget, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Downloadsquad and io9.  Then I go over to Inquirer.net for local news.  This habit has been occupying a lot of time in the morning, preventing me to do legitimate work while surfing the ‘net.  Enter Calibre.




Calibre has a built-in facility to dowload blogs and news and I have been using it to get the blogs and news first thing in the morning.  After the update, I plug in my Kindle and Calibre automagically transfer those newly downloaded stuff, allowing me to read all those blogs and news later in the day.

I understand that it costs $$$ to download news and blogs to the Kindle through Whispernet but thanks to Calibre, I get to read them for the low, low price of FREE.

November 1, 2009

My Kindle Experienced its First Glitch!

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I have been loading and deleting blogs and RSS feeds on my Kindle daily, sometimes, even twice a day using Calibre. It has become a routine to download RSS feeds and blogs everyday.  Yesterday, after loading a bunch of RSS feeds to my Kindle, I noticed that each item I open gets thrown to the end of the list despite my Kindle’s setting to display “By Most Recent First”.

This prompted me to do a soft reset of the Kindle (sliding the switch for 15 seconds) but it did not fix the problem.  To fix the problem, I had to do a hard reset to factory default (press the “menu” button while in the “settings” screen).  It turned off my Kindle and when it restarted, it displayed the initial screen when I first turned it on.  All my books were deleted and I had to re-load all my ebooks.

No big deal.  Since I organize my eBooks using Calibre, reloading all my eBooks took me 5 minutes and now I’m back to reading my books.

October 31, 2009

Quickie Post: Halloween Reading List

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Want to read something scary this Halloween night?  Then pick your poison from this list from Freekindlebooks.org.

Holiday Break

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I won’t be posting as furiously as the past weeks, its a long weekend and I intend to enjoy it curled up with my Kindle. See you all later!

October 28, 2009

jetBook-Lite: The Most Affordable eBook Reader (to date)

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ECTACO, a company that manufactures eBooks announced the cheapest eBook reader to date:  The jetBook-Lite.  ECTACO sees the jetBook-Lite to retail at around $149, that is at least $100 cheaper than most eBook reader.


The current crop of jetBooks are not expensive to start with (they retail at around $179 after discounts/rebates) but a $149 pricepoint may be the sweet spot where people will *really* take notice and start getting an eBook reader of their own.  Another advantage the jetBook has over other eBook readers is its support for various formats (ePub, Mobi, PRC, RTF, .txt, .pdf, .fb2, .jpg, .gif, .png, and .bmp) and this makes it an attractive alternative to the Kindle and the Sony Reader.

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